We provide clients with comprehensive tax solutions compatible with their business. We analyse the available options in the light of Polish, European and international law regulations. We think strategically. We think about the present and the future.

Due to a high degree of complexity and constant changes in transfer pricing regulations, we meet the needs of customers by offering the following services:

  • preparation of transfer pricing documentation i.e. Local File, Master File;
  • support in the preparation of CBC-R, CBC-P and TPR-C, TPR-P forms;
  • analysis and benchmarks needed during establishing market price i.e. compatibility assessment and comparative analysis;
  • transfer pricing audit in order to identify tax risks;
  • support in progress of proceedings and controls concerning transfer pricing;
  • preparation of transfer pricing policy.

When working on the broadly understood issue of TP, we cooperate with experts in the field of transfer pricing as well as tax advisors, legal counsels and attorneys.