We provide clients with comprehensive tax solutions compatible with their business. We analyse the available options in the light of Polish, European and international law regulations. We think strategically. We think about the present and the future.

We support innovative entrepreneurs that apply available tax incentives:

  • R&D relief that allows to double deduction of eligible tax costs (tax deductible expenses);
  • IP BOX that allows to application 5% income tax rate to income from intellectual property rights.
  • The scope of our support covers among others:
    • verification of whether the entrepreneur’s activities may constitute R&D activities;
    • identification of eligible costs (tax deductible expenses) subject to double deduction, and support in the settlement of R&D relief in the annual tax return;
    • support in selecting intellectual property rights that may subject to IP BOX;
    • tax review of calculation of income from qualified intellectual property rights and the NEXUS indicator, and support in the settlement of IP BOX in the annual tax return;
    • instructions regarding accounting records of R&D projects, records of eligible costs and records of revenues and costs under IP BOX.

Providing above services, we cooperate with scientific units, legal advisers, transfer pricing experts and appraisers.