We provide clients with comprehensive tax solutions compatible with their business. We analyse the available options in the light of Polish, European and international law regulations. We think strategically. We think about the present and the future.

The scope of our services in the context of WHT and international taxes covers support in settlement of withholding tax (WHT) in Poland, including:

  • analysis of transactions subject to WHT based on Polish regulations;
  • analysis of possibility of application exemption or reduced WHT rate on the basis of EU provisions and Double Tax Treaty provisions;
  • opinion whether recipient is a beneficial owner of payment;
  • tax support in settlements of income generated by permanent establishments and income of capital groups operating in Poland and abroad;
  • analysis of tax consequences of international transactions in the context of the place of taxation and tax consequences in Poland;
  • verification status of the company in the context of tax rules regarding controlled foreign company (CFC);
  • analysis of tax consequences regarding change of tax residency and transfer of assets under “exit tax” regulations.

Providing above services, we cooperate with legal and tax advisors from foreign jurisdictions.